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Roofing Services

Your First Choice for Roof Repairs, Roof Replacement or New Roofing Works in North and West Yorkshire

Trelfa Roofing offer you a complete range of roof repairs, up to and including the full replacement of your existing roof.    We undertake a detailed inspection for you and offer you advice and a competitive written quote for any works necessary.

Below is a complete list of the roofing and other services we are able to offer. Just click on a link below or scroll down the page for more information.

Tiled Roof Repairs

Slate Roof Repairs

Ridge and Hip Tiles

Yorkshire Stone Roofing

Built Up Felt Roofing

Chimney Repairs and Cowl Repairs

Lead Work and Flashing

Velux & Dormers

Facias Soffits and Guttering


Repair and Replacement of Tiled Roofs


Common causes of leaks in tiled roofs are slipped, disjointed or cracked roof tiles. Slipped or disjointed tiles can usually be seen from the ground, as they are not in line with the rest of the roof tiles.

Also, if the slippage is recent, you will be able to notice a difference in colour along the tile where the unweathered section is newly exposed.

Cracked roofing tiles are best identified by a closer inspection either at roof level, or if your roof is unlined, looking for areas of light coming into the loft or roof space through the cracked tile. Give us a call and we will be happy to arrange an inspection.

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Repair and Replacement of Slate Roofs


Roof Slates can become disjointed over time when the nails holding them in place become loose or corroded, causing them to slip and allow water to enter your roof.

Slate roofs also deteriorate with age, which can be identified by the slates having a flaky or powdery appearance (known as delimitation).



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Member of the Confederation  of Roofing Contractors

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Member of the Federation of Small Businesses

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Approved Contractor with Leeds City Council.

Cracked tiles can usually be spotted quite easily, as they become water stained along the line of the crack. Water can also get into a slate roof through old and missing mortar around the ridge tiles.

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Replacing and Re-bed Ridge and Hip Tiles


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All ridge and hip tiles come loose over time as the mortar they were bedded on breaks down with age.  This is a common problem and not just in old buildings, especially when lime mortar (or not enough cement) was used during the construction.

In severe cases, you will be able to see the gaps between the tiles from ground level, and there may be pieces of mortar on the ground where they have fallen from the roof

Yorkshire Stone Roofing


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As a Yorkshire Stone roofing contractor, we are proud to offer a full range of maintenance, repair and overhauling service on al Yorkshire Stone roofs.


Built Up Felt Roof Repairs


However well laid, felt roofs can and do become porous with age and as a result deteriorate due to exposure to ultra violet sunlight.   The problems increase if the felt roofs are not laid flat and water starts to pond across the roof

Trelfa Roofing can simply patch repair your existing roof using torch-on felting or alternatively, we can give you a competitive quote to replace it all with new.

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Chimney and Gas Cowl Repairs


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The first signs of problems with your chimney you may notice are usually damp patches appearing on your internal walls around the chimney breast following a heavy downpour of rain.   Dampness here is usually caused by the soakers or flashings around the chimney stack being dislodged or missing.

The repairs we offer includes replacing missing soakers or flashings, re-pointing the walls of the stack, re-bedding or replacing loose or missing chimney pots and gas cowls, and sealing up chimneys and flues that are no longer used

Lead Works and Flashings


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Traditionally, the junction between roof tiles and brickwork has always been sealed with lead flashings, whilst valleys between roofs have been sealed and lined using lead ‘soakers’. We use both lead and modern alternatives for flashings , in keeping with the age and style of the project.

Many period properties and church  buildings have flat lead roofs. Our skilled craftsmen can repair or replace these roofs too

Dormers & Velux Roof Lights

Trelfa Roofing - Your Local Roofing Contractor - Contact Us Free Phone : 0800 1381 811

Velux window roof lights are installed to follow the line of your roof and are an inexpensive way to allow light into your attic space.

If you need to make more useable space in your roof space for an attic play room or study we can also install a full dormer window.  Call us for a quote.

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Facias, Soffits & Gutters


Your eaves, soffits and fascia forming the roof line are often ignored when it comes to maintenance, but water can get in through rotten facias and soffits, and this can potentially damaging your main roof timbers. We can repair or replace soffits, facias and barge boards, either with traditional timber or with UPVC often in a choice of colours. Rotten timber rafters can also be repaired and the remaining timber treated with preservative as a matter of course during the works.

Leaking and poorly installed gutters can also be replaced or repaired / reaffixed using materials in keeping with the period of your property, or with modern UPVC alternative materials

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Scaffolding and Access


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The health and safety of our customers and operatives is our number one priority. All scaffold access is set up in the working area by Qualified Scaffolder’s in compliance with current legislation and codes of practice.

Our Roofing Operatives can work safely on the roof without affecting the homeowner or users of the building, likewise the correct method of getting old materials from the roof level down into waste skips also ensures that all disturbance is minimized.

Trelfa Roofing - Local Roofing Contractors- Contact Us Free Fone: 0800 1381 811

Call us now for a quote and get free  unbiased advice along with a written quote regarding any new llocal roofing works or  maintenance works.

Trelfa Roofing - Local Roofing Contractors- Contact Us Free Fone: 0800 1381 811

We supply a written estimate or quote for every job and we visit your premises to ensure that our quote covers the full scope of the roofing works required.

Trelfa Roofing - Local Roofing Contractors - Happy to quote against your Architect or Building Surveyor drawings & Specifications - Contact Us Free Fone: 0800 1381 811

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